Jobs In Amman, Jordan – A Great Place To Work

Jobs In Amman, Jordan – A Great Place To Work

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US Embassy Amman in Jordan is a US Consulate located in the Green Line of the capital of Jordan. As a US Government Western Hemisphere Tourist Agency partner since 1995, it has a good reputation for its fine accommodation and employment opportunities both for local residents and foreign workers. There are jobs in this region of the world for those knowledgeable in their field of expertise. The area offers good job prospects for professionals in IT, management, banking, finance and other supporting fields.


Jobs are available for all skill levels. There are career options that require general technical knowledge; positions requiring higher education or specialized training can be found as well. For those wishing to develop a family business, this is also an ideal opportunity. It’s an area with a low unemployment rate and excellent employment growth prospects.


There are quite a number of job openings both locally and across the globe. Most US employers prefer to hire American workers, as they believe that they provide better pay and more jobs than native Jordanians. This is in part due to a large number of graduates each year from American universities. Because the cost of living in Amman is less than in most neighboring countries, jobs are often available at a relatively low cost of living. The same goes for living and working in other major cities across the region.


An advantage of jobs in Amman is the ability to obtain work permits through the Jordan Passport office upon arrival. Work permits allow visitors to enter and leave the country legally and without penalties. There are a substantial number of companies based in Jordan that rely on American employees to fill their positions. For those wishing to build a career and employ their family, jobs in Amman are a viable option.


If you’re interested in working in the United States, especially in Washington D.C., one of the first places to check is the U.S. Department of State. There are a number of jobs available for professionals in the communications field, especially those who are familiar with trade talks, negotiations, and the political arena. These jobs may include communications managers for delegations to international bodies and departments. These jobs require not only strong writing skills but a background in the relevant fields.


If you’re interested in working abroad in Jordan, an employer may have specific needs such as linguistic skills, computer skills or experience in a particular field. There’s no need to fear that jobs in Amman will be scarce. They are readily available. Just remember to get your paperwork in order before you begin your job search.

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