Jobs Available in the US Embassy in Morocco

Jobs Available in the US Embassy in Morocco

The US Embassy Morocco offers jobs to foreign professionals who want a stable lifestyle in one of the Arab world’s most attractive cities. Like many countries in North Africa, Morocco is a beautiful, modern city with an amazing range of facilities and amenities. The country’s diverse landscape and cosmopolitan culture are reflected in its culture, people, and infrastructure. There is plenty to do and see when you decide to stay in the Marrakech area. One can go for a walk down the beautiful Rif Mountains, take a ride on a camel, take part in the desert safari or just enjoy some water sports on the waters of the river Meknes. A stay in the vibrant city is also possible with all the necessary facilities including hospitals, banks, currency exchanges, and shopping malls.

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For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, the Rif Mountains is the perfect places to enjoy hiking or mountain climbing. If you are into water sports and snorkeling, then there are several places for you to explore. There is even a luxury beach resort on the Rif mountains where tourists from all over the world come to relax and by all means, enjoy the sun. Of course, there are some other activities to be found in Marrakech as well.


The traditional Bedouin lifestyle still prevails in Morocco. There are many tribes who still practice it in their daily lives. Those that do are very warm and friendly and they make an excellent community of friends. The hospitality industry in Marrakech is also thriving and job opportunities are available for skilled workers. There are many local businesses that need manual labor such as carpenters, roofers and gardeners.


The Berber language which is used in Morocco is spoken fluently by the Moroccan people. Tourists often speak English as a foreign language but in reality, many of them can’t speak or read the language at all. The US Embassy in Rabat helps non-English speaking tourists by letting them use an online translator. This service is offered free of charge and can be highly helpful.


As with any country, the economy of Morocco is based upon tourism. Because it is a North African country, there are many tourist attractions. In addition, travel has become more affordable due to improvements in airfare and shipping costs. The currency value of the riyal is also quite favorable as the government encourages foreign investment. The government has made it easier for American companies to obtain licenses to operate in the country.


There are many jobs in the government sector. For example, the Director of the Public Services and Administration is responsible for leading a large department responsible for the organization and management of public services. These jobs require great skills and good management skills. For those interested in pursuing a career in this sector, there are several schools and colleges in Rabat that can help.

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