Jobs Available at the US Embassy in Khosta

Jobs Available at the US Embassy in Khosta

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Jobs in the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan are plentiful and include positions as a communication specialist, an information technology officer and a special duty assistant to the Secretary of State. The US military will be one of the largest employers of Afghans young and old as they return home to take advantage of the huge hiring opportunities offered by the US. Since the war has started, more US soldiers have been killed in the area than in any other part of the world. This has caused an increased interest in the job market for both Americans and Afghans who know what is happening in the region.


Kabul is the largest city in eastern Afghanistan and is home to the International Security Forces (ISF) base. Many US soldiers and their families live in rented apartments and one of the most popular jobs in this part of town is that of an ISF security guard. The jobs range from guards who are stationed at the base to those who actually go out on patrol. The security guards to protect the people of the ISF and their facilities from outside attacks, while the civilian guards monitor the operations of the base. Both jobs require a lot of physical activity and many applicants are turned down simply because they don’t possess the required skills.


A slightly different type of job that is common among the international students who have been accepted to work in the US Embassy Kabul is that of a government translator. These translators are responsible for translating the documents that have been provided by the government of the country. The job description is slightly different between the various jobs available in the embassy. The requirements are slightly more strict and generally require that candidates have the ability to understand and follow instructions.


A job as an administrative assistant in the Foreign Service may also be available. Administrative assistants are responsible for answering the phone when a customer or representative of the government calls. They also answer emails and provide support to the office staff. Administrative assistants may work directly under a higher ranking official, or they may work at the level of the general manager. Generally, jobs at the higher levels require a considerable amount of skill in English communication.


One of the most popular jobs in Khosta is that of the chef at the Ritz Carlton. Jobs in this position require culinary knowledge and experience. Generally, all positions in the Ritz Carlton are filled by foreign qualified chefs who travel to the US to train. There is a separate division for chefs at the Khosta restaurant. Students who complete their training successfully can obtain jobs in this restaurant.


One of the most preferred jobs in Khosta is the position of a private chef at a resort or hotel. Salaries are generally lower than the ones received at the embassy. However, more senior positions may be available. In addition, some positions in the private sector are available through private contractors.

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