Enter the Competition For a Brain Bee Challenge and Win Big!

Enter the Competition For a Brain Bee Challenge and Win Big!

Education is for everyone, right? Well, it’s true. Education is for everyone, but it seems to be especially true for children in New Zealand. It seems that the smarter New Zealanders tend to score higher on the international tests than other people from the same background. So, if education is important, what makes New Zealand so different? In this article I will try and explore that.


The first thing I looked at was the differences between subjects that were compulsory and those that weren’t. What I found was that while science and maths were important, other subjects that weren’t considered as important (like art and literature) were actually less so. I think this reflects a culture that values education and creativity more than other parts of the world. Another thing I noticed was that there was a much bigger focus on students’ self-esteem and personal growth as opposed to the curricular development. The end result was that they achieved better results in all the subjects that were taught. There is no doubt that other countries have very high standards, but New Zealand has clearly set a high bar for itself.


Then I looked at the key features of our educational system. New Zealanders enjoy and excel in both the subjects that are taught and the subjects that they choose to study. There is no real difference between the subjects that are taught and the subjects that people choose to study; and this is perhaps the most important aspect of the New Zealand education perfect for people from any background, especially children. In the New Zealand round 2 of the Brain Bee Challenge, you will see that every student places high marks in all three subjects. This is pretty amazing, as the other round does not require a very high pass rate in order to place highly.


What’s more, when you finish your education you will have a free tool to help you further your education – a free downloadable mountain bike video! If you take part in the Brain Bee challenge you will be entered in a drawing for a free download. You must enter your name and email address to be able to receive the free download. This is a really great feature of the free download – it helps you stay motivated and keeps you interested in the project. However, you also have the option of watching the video on your computer or mobile device for free. If you do not want to download the software, you can simply skip to the bottom of the article and you will find a link that will enable you to download the free Mountain Bike video instead.


In this article, we have looked at the key features of New Zealand’s education system to enable you to enter the competition, and these include compulsory schooling, compulsory exams, non-selective early childhood education, excellent teachers, excellent curriculum, high standards, and strong parental involvement. There are some aspects of the New Zealand education system that need improvement, and this is what we will discuss in this article. It is important that parents and guardians of potential students understand the gap between the opportunities available through compulsory education and those that exist through other routes. You may find that the Brain Bee challenge is just what your child needs to gain a full head start in life and be ready for the rigors of university study.


The best way to learn about the New Zealand brain bee challenge is to visit their website and sign up for the newsletter. This newsletter will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for your competition. And, don’t forget, the lucky winner receives a two-day accommodation and a week off from work. The education perfect begins with you!

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